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Curve Dynamics Sponsors Halloween Costume Party 10/30/09

September 30th, 2009 Curve Dynamics
Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash 2009

Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash 2009

Looking for a halloween party this year? Curve Dynamics is an official sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation’s first annual Bone Bash halloween costume party. Dress up and come out for food, drinks, prizes, live music, games, auction items, and much more! Keep your eye out for the Curve Dynamics fortune teller booths and find out your future. (We hope it includes Web hosting with us!) We hope to see you rocking out until the witching hour on the Friday before halloween!

The party starts on October 30th at 7 PM at Oak Hill Mansion in Carmel, Indiana. Tickets are $50, ages 21+ only. For more information visit http://www.bonebashindy.com.

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    Dear Friends, Happy late halowen(: !!

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